Welcome to Fairehaven!

The town of Fairehaven was once home to some of the mightiest heroes ever to walk the 5 kingdoms. Though their time has passed, much of their legacy remains. Come and visit such legendary locations such as Dursenhoff’s Tower, former home of the mighty wizard. Take a scenic river tour and see where Jondolar the Strong once singlehandedly fought off an invading army of frogmen.

After a day of touring, nothing is better than putting your feet up and enjoying a nice mug of ale at Harper’s Tavern, before retiring to your luxurious room.

History of Fairehaven

For many centuries, Fairehaven and the kingdom around it were at constant conflict with goblins, orce and other monstrosities. However, thankfully Fairehaven was the home base of some of the greatest heroes in the land. In addition, the garrison at Stormhold to the north also supplied troops that helped the heroes of Fairehaven keep peace in the land.

Just over twenty years ago, the town learned that an army was amassing far to the north within the mountains. Rumors that powerful hell demons and other fierce and unusual monsters were in the army began to circulate. The heroes of Fairehaven bravely mustered their forces, marched north and picked up the garrison at Stormhold, and then proceeded into the mountains to face off against this terrible army.

They never returned.

However, the promised threat of an invading army also never came to pass. In fact, it seemed all the monsters had disappeared from the land, even the small nuisances like goblins. Since that time, the land has been blissfully free from conflict.

While no one is certain what happened to the heroes who marched north, the land has enjoyed a long period of peace. Fairehaven went through a recession that crippled the town for many years (for without heroes, who was left to keep the town armorer, weaponsmith, potion vendors and other vendors employed?). In last few years, Fairehaven has solved its financial problems by reinventing itself as a historic tourist site, where visitors can tour the old homes and guild halls of the famous heroes who never returned.

Paragon Rising

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