Paragon Rising

Week 1 - Welcome to Fairehaven

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Week 1 – Welcome to Fairehaven


Dudok the minotaur cleric and Thorvald the Half Elf Ranger journeyed the town of Fairehaven, a well known resort town. They met up with their tour guide, Marvelous Marv, and a local would-be hero Atticus the fighter. The group was on their way to visit one of the local landmarks when they were set upon by goblins in the wood. The group made short work of the goblins.

After heading back to town, they were met by Jono Finchbottom, the town’s mayor. He pleaded with his old friend Atticus to rescue a missing group of tourists. Dudok and Thorvald agreed to go as well.

The group followed the trail of the missing tourists and discovered an old mine where another group of goblins had taken them. After a fierce battle in the mine, the group succeeded in defeating the goblins.

Mayor Finchbottom was extremely grateful and offered the group the chance to stay on in Fairehaven to help keep the peace.



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