Paragon Rising

Week 2 - Smiley Bob

Thorvald, Dudok and Atticus were asked by Mayor Finchbottom to respond to an emergency summons from the halfling commune down the road. The trio visited the commune and were greeted by some rather panicked halflings, who explained that a bear named Smiley Bob had dragged off two members of the village.

The group tracked Smiley Bob to an abandoned windmill. To their surprise there were also a sentry team of goblin snipers there. After dispatching of the sentries they entered the windmill, only to be confronted by another team of goblins and a huge bear. The goblins provoked the bear, Smiley Bob, into attacking the adventurers. However, despite taking a vicious blow from the bear, Atticus survived and managed to take on the goblins along with Dudok and Thorvald.

After the goblins were defeated, Thorvald successfully communicated with Smiley Bob and turned the bear to his side. The group rescued one of the two missing halflings, Punkin, but learned that they were too late to save young Happy Shoals, who had already been cooked and eaten by the goblins.

The group decided to wait and ambush Torpoo, the leader of the goblins. Atticus fought bravely, but was knocked unconscious. Luckily Dudok was feeling particularly blessed this day and healed Atticus. Meanwhile, Smiley Bob and Thorvald made short work of the rest of the goblins.



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