Paragon Rising

Week 5 - Kerang Reborn

Our heroes finally found the missing villager girl, Zeta Windsong. She reported to them that the kobolds had been busy in a large chamber building something, though she wasn’t sure what it was. She also reported that they seemed to defer to a leader kobold named Jiro.

The group smartly scouted ahead instead of just charging blindly into battle. As Valvara and Thorvald snuck into the main chamber via an airduct, they saw to their great horror that the kobolds had constructed a giant mechanical dragon. The kobolds lowered a large jar into the device, which then surprisingly sprung to life. Kerang, the famed and feared red dragon, had been resurrected by some dark magic.

The heroes overheard Kerang and Jiro discussing some third party who had apparently promised to deliver an army to Kerang. Though the group briefly discussed fleeing the terrifying dragon, they agreed that they’d rather face a resurrected dragon and a few minions right now, instead of a terrifying dragon PLUS a huge army later on.

After a fierce battle, the group triumphed and defeated the dragon. They were left with some interesting items that may provide clues to this arriving army.



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