Paragon Rising

Week 6 - Trouble at the Tower

The group headed off to Marius Kettleblack’s tower to follow up on information from Kettleblack’s diaries, which they had retrieved off the body of Kerang’s followers. They were concerned about the mysterious army mentioned by Jiro and Kerang, and the diaries held clues suggesting that there was some kind of “keys” located in the tower.

At the tower, they came upon a group of hobgoblins. The group defeated the hobgoblins and found a set of Gadgeteer’s Garb, along with some other treasures. They also found a secret chamber where they found a tomb describing a strange ritual and describing several key ingredients to open some kind of gate or portal.

Descending into the tower, they discovered the remains of Kettleblack’s private zoo. Unfortunately, several of the specimens were still alive… somewhat. A vicious battle with the zombies ensued.



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