Paragon Rising

Week 7 - Ambushed

The group defeated the zombie threat from the previous week, but not without great cost. The zombie sorcerer kidnapped Valvara. He instructed the group to find the keys to open the portal found in Kettleblack’s book.

Thorvald, Dudok and Atticus headed off to the seaport town of Mastwick. Unfortunately, on the road they were ambushed by another group of hobgoblins. They were defeated and Kettleblack’s spell book was stolen.

Week 6 - Trouble at the Tower

The group headed off to Marius Kettleblack’s tower to follow up on information from Kettleblack’s diaries, which they had retrieved off the body of Kerang’s followers. They were concerned about the mysterious army mentioned by Jiro and Kerang, and the diaries held clues suggesting that there was some kind of “keys” located in the tower.

At the tower, they came upon a group of hobgoblins. The group defeated the hobgoblins and found a set of Gadgeteer’s Garb, along with some other treasures. They also found a secret chamber where they found a tomb describing a strange ritual and describing several key ingredients to open some kind of gate or portal.

Descending into the tower, they discovered the remains of Kettleblack’s private zoo. Unfortunately, several of the specimens were still alive… somewhat. A vicious battle with the zombies ensued.

Week 5 - Kerang Reborn

Our heroes finally found the missing villager girl, Zeta Windsong. She reported to them that the kobolds had been busy in a large chamber building something, though she wasn’t sure what it was. She also reported that they seemed to defer to a leader kobold named Jiro.

The group smartly scouted ahead instead of just charging blindly into battle. As Valvara and Thorvald snuck into the main chamber via an airduct, they saw to their great horror that the kobolds had constructed a giant mechanical dragon. The kobolds lowered a large jar into the device, which then surprisingly sprung to life. Kerang, the famed and feared red dragon, had been resurrected by some dark magic.

The heroes overheard Kerang and Jiro discussing some third party who had apparently promised to deliver an army to Kerang. Though the group briefly discussed fleeing the terrifying dragon, they agreed that they’d rather face a resurrected dragon and a few minions right now, instead of a terrifying dragon PLUS a huge army later on.

After a fierce battle, the group triumphed and defeated the dragon. They were left with some interesting items that may provide clues to this arriving army.

Week 4 - Cart Battles

As our heroes delved deeper into the mine, they had a ferocious battle while on a set of moving mine carts. They then took on a group of kobolds who had barricaded themselves at a check point further along.

Week 3 - CSI: D&D

Our adventurers were summoned to a nearby town of Dardun, to investigate an escalating series of thefts that seemed to have culminated in a gruesome murder of a local boy. The boy’s sister was also missing. After investigating, Thorvald noticed a trail of claw prints heading off into the woods. Dudok also discovered a religious symbol craved crudely into a tree near the crime scene. New group member Valvara quickly proved his worth, with his historical knowledge allowing him to determine that the symbol represented Kerang, a legendary red dragon slain over almost a hundred years ago by the wizard Marius Kettleblack.

The group quickly determined that the clues pointed towards an abandoned mine to the north of the town. There they boldly (or foolishly) rushed the door of the mine, heedless of the kobolds lurking within. After a battle with both the kobolds and the stubborn wooden door keeping the group out, they finally burst into the mine itself, slaying the remaining kobolds.

The group discovered a series of rails leading deep into the mine and have decided to repurpose a few mine carts to ferry them deeper inside in pursuit of the missing girl and justice for her slain brother.

Week 2 - Smiley Bob

Thorvald, Dudok and Atticus were asked by Mayor Finchbottom to respond to an emergency summons from the halfling commune down the road. The trio visited the commune and were greeted by some rather panicked halflings, who explained that a bear named Smiley Bob had dragged off two members of the village.

The group tracked Smiley Bob to an abandoned windmill. To their surprise there were also a sentry team of goblin snipers there. After dispatching of the sentries they entered the windmill, only to be confronted by another team of goblins and a huge bear. The goblins provoked the bear, Smiley Bob, into attacking the adventurers. However, despite taking a vicious blow from the bear, Atticus survived and managed to take on the goblins along with Dudok and Thorvald.

After the goblins were defeated, Thorvald successfully communicated with Smiley Bob and turned the bear to his side. The group rescued one of the two missing halflings, Punkin, but learned that they were too late to save young Happy Shoals, who had already been cooked and eaten by the goblins.

The group decided to wait and ambush Torpoo, the leader of the goblins. Atticus fought bravely, but was knocked unconscious. Luckily Dudok was feeling particularly blessed this day and healed Atticus. Meanwhile, Smiley Bob and Thorvald made short work of the rest of the goblins.

Week 1 - Welcome to Fairehaven
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Week 1 – Welcome to Fairehaven


Dudok the minotaur cleric and Thorvald the Half Elf Ranger journeyed the town of Fairehaven, a well known resort town. They met up with their tour guide, Marvelous Marv, and a local would-be hero Atticus the fighter. The group was on their way to visit one of the local landmarks when they were set upon by goblins in the wood. The group made short work of the goblins.

After heading back to town, they were met by Jono Finchbottom, the town’s mayor. He pleaded with his old friend Atticus to rescue a missing group of tourists. Dudok and Thorvald agreed to go as well.

The group followed the trail of the missing tourists and discovered an old mine where another group of goblins had taken them. After a fierce battle in the mine, the group succeeded in defeating the goblins.

Mayor Finchbottom was extremely grateful and offered the group the chance to stay on in Fairehaven to help keep the peace.


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