Paragon Rising

Week 3 - CSI: D&D

Our adventurers were summoned to a nearby town of Dardun, to investigate an escalating series of thefts that seemed to have culminated in a gruesome murder of a local boy. The boy’s sister was also missing. After investigating, Thorvald noticed a trail of claw prints heading off into the woods. Dudok also discovered a religious symbol craved crudely into a tree near the crime scene. New group member Valvara quickly proved his worth, with his historical knowledge allowing him to determine that the symbol represented Kerang, a legendary red dragon slain over almost a hundred years ago by the wizard Marius Kettleblack.

The group quickly determined that the clues pointed towards an abandoned mine to the north of the town. There they boldly (or foolishly) rushed the door of the mine, heedless of the kobolds lurking within. After a battle with both the kobolds and the stubborn wooden door keeping the group out, they finally burst into the mine itself, slaying the remaining kobolds.

The group discovered a series of rails leading deep into the mine and have decided to repurpose a few mine carts to ferry them deeper inside in pursuit of the missing girl and justice for her slain brother.



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